I have been looking for a new comforter for our bedroom for months. That is pretty frustrating for me because when I am ready to change something, I usually have a pretty good idea of what I’m going for and make a decision/purchase fairly easily.

The problem this time was the color of our bedroom walls. They are kind of an orange-Y color. I like the color, but it really limited my options when it came to comforters. Ones that were predominately white were nice and crisp and matched, but my husband reminded me that they probably wouldn’t stay that way long with animals (and kids) in the house.

I don’t mind painting, but there are a couple of other rooms I’d like to paint before I repaint ours. So the search went on.  After lots of looking around and a couple of returns, one day in Kohl’s, I found a comforter that I loved. This one below is not it, but a second choice. The one that I really loved was very plain and you had to buy everything individually. We also liked this one and it came with everything…for about half the price. So we decided to take it home to test it out.

Lo and behold!  We both liked it!  But now the other decorations we had going on in there weren’t working.  We had had those decorations for a long time and decided to just do a mini bedroom makeover.

Bed Room Pillows

So I went to Hobby Lobby for some inspiration.  Luckily, that day both their frames and big letters were on sale for 50% off.  I picked up some frames and some letters and laid out a design on the floor at the store.

The frames I originally picked were white and ornate. I liked them and my husband did, too, but I thought the room was getting way too girly, so I exchanged them for the ones made from reclaimed wood, which I ended up liking better anyway. I also picked up a vinyl quote to add below because, well, I like words and quotes.

The first thing to do was to break out the level, hammer, and nails and decide on spacing for the frames.

Next, the letters needed to be hung. I hung the frames, but I asked my husband to hang the letters. The holes on the back were all uneven and he is much better with that sort of thing. I’m more of an eyeballer and he’s more of a measurer. I’d go with the measuring route when hanging the letters. He was willing so I let him roll with it.

bed room letters

He did a great job!

Everything was coming together nicely and it was time to add the vinyl quote as the finishing touch. This time I measured and leveled.

Once it was in place, I wiped it down with a warm cloth and slowly peeled the paper away. I went with the verse “This is my beloved, this is my friend.” ~Song of Solomon 5:16

Update:  A reader brought it to my attention that the verse reference Song of Solomon 5:36 shown in the picture is incorrect. The correct reference is 5:16. I have no idea why it is being sold with the incorrect verse number on it. I will be peeling that part off! Thanks, Ana, for bringing that to my attention!

We also changed out our dark, heavy curtains for crisp white linen ones from IKEA.

And there you have it! Our mini bedroom makeover.

bed room quotes

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