DIY Ribbon Flip Flops

Today’s post was inspired by the DIY Ribbon Flip Flops included in the 4th of July Wearables Tutorials Post and also by the 50% off ribbon sale at the craft store.  Last year my daughter made a similar pair using strips of patriotic fabric instead of ribbon.  She wanted to make a new pair this year and made these on her own!

These cheerful DIY ribbon flip flops are a guest project from my 10-year-old daughter!

To make a pair of DIY ribbon flip flops, you will need:

      •  a pair of flip-flops
      • three complementary colors of ribbon
      • scissors
      • ribbon Fray Check or a lighter for an adult to seal the ribbon ends

DIY Ribbon Flip Flops

To start,  cut a length of ribbon and tie it onto the flip-flop by making a knot. Choose a length that you like for the ribbon.  Cut the ends on a slant at the desired length.

Once you decide how long you like the ribbons, you can cut several pieces that length.  Then continue tying them in any pattern that you like until your flip flops look the way you want them to.  The more ribbons you add, the fuller and more colorful they’ll be!

Once you are all done tying the ribbons onto the flip-flops, apply Fray Check (it’s a special kind of clear glue) to the ends of each ribbon to prevent fraying.  An adult can also use a lighter to seal the ends of each ribbon.

These flip-flops are a fun kid activity that can be completed in under 45 minutes and for under $5.

There’s also the added bonus of watching them beam with pride when they get to tell people that they made them themselves!

Happy crafting!

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