I have enjoyed bringing you collections of 4th of July Printables and 4th of July Wearables Tutorials from lots of talented bloggers and crafters so far this week!  You can also check out Ten 4th of July Decorations to Make {with tutorials}.



I made this wreath to hang on the inside of the back door in my kitchen for the 4th of July this year.  I hope you enjoy it!

{On a total side note…  My son is in a Silly Science summer camp at the library this week, so that’s where I am working on this post.  I just looked down and saw strings of hot glue from my glue gun on my skirt. Sometimes I’m out and look at my hands and realize there’s black paint under my nails.  Yep…I’m that lady}

Now on to the tutorial!


      • a wire wreath form (I used a 10″ one because I have an oddly small door leading out to my deck)
      • 1-2 rolls of 15-foot red burlap ribbon, depending on how full you want it (I used just over one roll)
      • glittery foam stars or other patriotic embellishments
      • hot glue
      • ribbon for hanging


First, unravel the spool of red burlap.


You are going to cover the wire wreath form with the burlap by going over and under the rings in a weaving pattern.

Start by inserting the burlap under the first wire ring from the center of the wreath.  Weave it over the next ring, then under the next.  Pull it through until you come almost to the other end of the burlap.  Leave a little extra there (about 3 inches) so that it doesn’t get pulled back into the wreath form when you fluff the burlap.

Now that you have woven the burlap over and under the rings of the wreath frame, pull the burlap so that it is loose, making loops or puffs.  Adjust them until they are about as big as you’d like.

Now weave the burlap back through the wire circles on the wreath form, this time coming from the outside to the inside.  After you arrive at the center, pull the burlap loose and fluff it up.


Repeat this process to finish attaching the burlap to the wreath, fluffing as you go.  The pattern is like a basket weave, so if you went over a wire when working toward the outside of the wreath, you will go to that wire when working your way back to the center and vice versa.

I would recommend going out or back 4 times in each section of the wreath for small and more times for a larger wreath form for a nice full wreath.

If one side of your wreath looks less full than the other, glue your embellishments on the side that is less full to fill it in.  That is what I was going to do with my wreath and was even thinking about including that tip in this post as I was working, but I guess I was just so darn excited about getting those sparkly little stars on that I glued them on the full side.  Doh!  Not that big of a deal, but it did make for another trip to the craft store for a second roll of burlap to fill it out.  {In reality, I was in a rush trying to get all the stars glued on before heading out for Silly Science Summer camp…so is the life of a crafting mama…}

Once your wreath is at a fullness you like, secure the end of the burlap by tucking it underneath one of the wires on the back of the wreath.  If you have extra burlap and need to cut it, you can glue it down on the back using a line of hot glue so it doesn’t unravel.

And then it’s time for my favorite part!  Add your sparkly red, white and blue stars.  I used hot glue which worked fine for these stars because they are very light.  If your embellishments are light, hot glue will work fine, but if they are heavier, like larger wood stars for example, you can attach them to clips and then clip them to the wreath or use twine or string to tie them on (if you don’t mind seeing the string), or even glue string to the back of the embellishment and then tie it around the back.  Hot glue alone will not hold heavy embellishments on your wreath for long… (ask me how I know)


I was thinking that the stars looked like little starfish (I know, I know “sea stars”) floating in a net when I was attaching mine.

Lay out the stars in a pattern you like on your wreath and then lift and glue them one at a time to preserve the pattern you chose.


Lastly, you can add a hanger to your wreath.  Because of the open wire of the wreath form, you can hang this wreath using a nail or you can use an over the door wreath holder as well.

I chose a coordinating ribbon and glued it into a loop around the wreath form on the back.  I used a flat tack to secure it to the top of the door.

And there you have it!


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